THINGS TO DO in Tangalle

Enjoy your stay in Sri Lanka with Ceylon Sea Hotel

Ceylon Sea Hotel - Tangalle

Enjoy a tranquil sun-rise walk along the walk-way or at the beachfront of the hotel and let your spirit rise with the sun over the Indian Ocean.


Snorkeling can be arranged upon your request among the rock pool. Complementary masks, snorkels fins and life jackets available. Private snorkeling lessons can also be arranged with our lifeguards.

Best Time: 8.00 am – 4.00 pm


Private surfing lessons can be arranged with our lifeguards on the nearby sea within a thirty-minute drive from the hotel. Surfing can be done at any time of the year but depends on the weather of the day. The best waves are usually between April and November.

Bundala Birds Sanctuary

Situated within 1 1/4hour drive from Tangalle, Bundala Park offers a great opportunity for birds watching (around 150 reported species) and the occasional sighting of elephants and crocodiles. The salt pans attracts a large number of migratory shore birds, making this 2, 216 hectare park one of the most important wetlands in the country. The best time to visit Bundala is between November and March when winter migratory birds arrive. Numerous gray languor monkeys, jackals, hares and spotted deer have made this sanctuary as their habitat.

Mulkirigala Rock Temple

The Rock of Mulkirigala rises about 676 feet from the surrounding land mass. There are seven cave temples situated in five Terraced areas of different altitudes. They are the Lower Terrace (Patha Maluwa), Bo Tree Terrace ( Bodhi Maluwa). Great King's Temple Terrace ( Raja Maha Vihara Maluwa), Upper Bo Tree Terrace (Uda Bodhi Maluwa) and Chetiya Terrace (Chaitya Maluwa). These terraces can be accessed comfortably through well paved granite paths and steps going right upto the Dagoba Terrace.

Situated in Giruwa Pattu of Hambanthota District of Southern Sri Lanka, Mulkirigala is also called as Mulgirigala but the former is more prominently used at present. There are many earlier names used for this rock temple such as 'Samudda Pabbatha", 'Muhunadra Giri', 'Muhudu Giri', 'Giriba Vehera', 'Giriba Lena', 'Dhakkina Giri', 'Dakkina Pabbatha', 'Muwatirigala', 'Mukirigalla' and 'Mulangiriya'.

Blow Hole at Kudawella

The Hummanya is also known as “blow hole” in the region of Sri Lanka and it is considered as the second largest in the league of blow holes, but Sri Lanka’s one and only. In essence it means a distance where the sound of “hoo” can easily be listened or heard by a person. It is a well known attraction for the travelers and tourists visiting the area and is well known for its uniqueness and excitement aspect. It is located in the deeper southern region of the country and it certainly has its charming aspect that thrills many and attracts people from all across Sri Lanka.

Rekawa Turtle Conservation Project

Rekawa is home to one of the most important sea turtle nestling sites in Sri Lanka, visited by five different species which lay their eggs throughout the year. The best time to see turtles is between January and April.

Helicopter tour to Sigiriya

Sigiriya being a fortress, had been well designed for its defenses by having ramparts and moats built around it. There are several approaches to the inner city and the most prominent is the Western entrance. From the summit of the rock, the land areas up to distances of tens of miles can be watched making it hard for the enemy to make a surprise attack to the kingdom.

King Kassapa had reverted his fortress to an ecological wonder by having Royal Pleasure Gardens, Water Gardens, Fountain Gardens and Boulder Gardens made inside the inner city as well as at the palace premises on the Rock summit.

The most renowned is the Sigiriya Rock Paintings or Frescoes of Sigiri Damsels locally called as ' Sigiri Apsaras' painted on a Western Rock face cavity about 100 meters high from the rock base.There now remains around 21 paintings of Sigiriya Damsels but there had been around five hundred paintings during King Kassapa's time along several other places of the same Western Rock face.

The hotel can arrange a day trip to Sigiriya, leaving at 8.00 am and returning at 3.00 pm via Airbus Helicopter AS350B3. On their way guests can enjoy the luscious greenery, mountains, waterfalls and the Hill Capital of Kandy before landing at Sigiriya fortress.

For those who would like to visit Sri Lanka's hill country also known as ‘Little England’ for breathe taking views and cool climate, the hotel can arrange a day-trip leaving at 8am again via Airbus Helicopter AS350B3 with a scenic flyby of Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka's world famous religious mountain venerated by all religions. Upon landing at Hatton, you will be provided with a chauffeur- driven car for a tea estate visit before lunch and proceed back to the helicopter.

Udawalawa National Park

It is a one and half hour drive from the hotel to one of Sri Lanka’s most famous national parks bordering a reservoir. The Udawalawa Park is best known for its elephants (estimated to 400 elephants including six tuskers) and occasional birds watching opportunities. Often the pachyderms can be seen in herds of up to 100 and more. Spotted deer, languor monkeys, jackals, hares, monitor lizard, wild boar and water buffalo are some of the other animals could be seen in the Park.

A morning visit departing at 6.00 am or an afternoon visit departing at 1.00 pm is recommended. Once inside the park, guests will be transferred to a 4WD jeep and accompanied by a professional guide.

Yala National Park Safari

Located within two hours’ drive from Tangalle is the Sri Lanka's most visited reserve. The park;s wildlife has its own distinctive charm, with huddles of colourful painted stocks, dozing crocodiles, fantailed peacocks and monkeys. The park's most famous residents are its elusive leopards.

A morning visit departing at 5.00 am or an afternoon visit departing at 12.00 pm is recommended. Once inside the park, guests will be transferred to a 4WD jeep and accompanied by a professional guide.

Whale Watching at Mirissa

The southern coast of Sri Lanka is world renowned for Blue Whales and Sperm Whales watching. Large pods of spinner dolphins frolic in the calm waters. Occasional turtles are common, too.

Whales pass the southern coast of Sri Lanka between December and April

If you desire deep sea fishing we can arrange a trip at Tangalle harbor. Trip to sea by boat is three hours from 6 am to 9 am

Sun cream is essential

Madunagala Hot Springs

It is a beautiful creation of nature. There are five hot springs covered with stone tanks. People believe that this water has a power to cure skin and eye diseases. They strongly believe that their skin disease or rashes can be healed by bathing. A 2 ½ hours trip from Tangalle.

Open Safari Park

Newest addition activity around Tangalle- 300 acre. Park situated at Ridiyagama- 2 hour journey from Tangalle. You will find Asian/ African species moving freely in the park. Guests can see these animals closely never ever had before a new experience.

Wild life department has arranged special vehicles with a guide for guest convenience.